The NYC Chapter is the inaugural chapter of Dyke Bar Takeover. Founded in 2016 the chapter's organizers represent the founding members of both Dyke Bar Takeover and the Queer Visibility Collective; including: Alana Integlia, Loretta Chung, Sarah Hallonquist and Lee Taylor. The NYC Chapter has it's roots in the queer community. Inspired by the work of the NYC Dyke March, artists such as Macon Reed and many other organizing members of the Queer community. To get involved feel free to contact them directly at

Dyke Happy Hours 

There are straight bars and gay bars but where are our bars? Instead of just asking where are spaces were, we claimed them. We bring you Dyke Lez Non-Binary Happy Hour! We come together once a month to take over a bar and make it our space. We aim to bring you to a laid- back space free of judgment for self identified womyn, transgender and non-binary people of all races. This is a welcoming place to meet new humans, connect with old friends, network, and build community. Think of it like going to your local bar and being in a space where you feel safe and seen. So come join us whether you are an introvert or an extrovert because we are family.

The Edie Windsor community Events Series 

The Edie Windsor Community Events Series was created in honor of Edith Windsor: an activist within the Supreme Court, a subject of documentary films, and a volunteer to many LGBT organizations throughout the country. Edie’s passion and achievements for queer rights is embodied within this series.

The event series is a new addition to Dyke Bar and follows its mission to engage in activism and create safe space for dialogue centered around the queer community. Similar to our other Dyke Bar events, we focus on providing a platform for queer voices and humanitarian assistance during tragedies. This series, unlike other Dyke Bar programing, has a stronger focus on direct action, such as memorial services for queers we have lost and a space to safely discuss deeper issues within the Queer womyn, transgender and non-binary community.

The first event held focused on networking and job creation within the dyke community. Utilizing our members, we were able to get sixty Dyke Bar members to network. Our second event, sadly, was a memorial to remember Edie Windsor. We had a viewing of the documentary “Edie and Thea”, followed by a discussion from Edie Windsor’s partner Judith Kasen-Windsor. This series is new and full of possibilities.

To see film shot at the recent event "In Memory of Edie" click here.

Queer Residency for Performers 

The music residency of NYC Dyke Bar Takeover provides a safe space for transgender, non-binary and womyn identified artists to showcase their original work. The commercial music industry, from it’s inception, has exploited all people of color and the queer community. Dyke Bar is committed to providing a grassroots platform where artists can grow their fan base and get paid without censorship. We take pride in gathering an audience of people who care about the performers they see and want to hear Queer identified musicians be their true selves. This residency represents one of the core values of the Queer Visibility Collective taking form, ie. sharing the voices of our queer community.


Monthly fundraising parties held on the second Saturday of each month. DYKE NITE's proceeds are given to local and national organisations supporting LGBTQ community members. Funds are also often used to support a national cause, if there is a current need, such as funds were sent to the activists at Standing Rock. A portion of funds are also taken to manage the development of the Queer Visibility Collective in order to move forward on the national visibility initiative and help to develop further grassroots chapters and to create and preserve space, community and hystory/herstory. The Queer Residency for performers takes place at DYKE NITE as well as many other performers are featured. This event is a gathering of the community for the community. Members attend our events because they know we create space with the larger goal of supporting the needs of the LGBTQ community.

Check out the Artists!

Click to see the profiles of some of our amazing performers, artists and volunteers. A special thank you to the Queers and Dyke Stars that give and give without any expectation of anything in return. We couldn't and wouldn't be here without you.