Interested in giving back to your Queer community?

There are many avenues available for you to get involved in the Queer Visibility Collective. Are you a performer? Are you an artist? Are you interested in volunteering? Wait, maybe you are a student interested in conducting research in the queer community. Guess what!?! We have something for everyone! Join our team and stop the disappearance of our space and herstory/hystory/history.


Interested in volunteering at an event or doing outreach? Contact us directly here.


You might not be able to be on the ground with us and that is okay! Anything you can donate will help. You can donate to QueerVC here.


Join QueerVC! Start your own Chapter of Dyke Bar Takeover and/or share a story of queer space to help document Queer/Dyke Hystory! Are you a queer non-binary, transgender or womyn identified performer? Contact us and get involved. There are so many ways to support your community, to build community and to share our impact. Have questions? Not sure where to start? We want your involvement, we can help you figure out the best way for you to get involved.