Preserving our Herstory/Hystory

Dyke-istry represents QueerVC work to not only create space in the here and now but make sure to mark the impact we have had through herstory/hystory. Programming within Dyke-istry consists of two main initiative. The first being the Dyke Bar Walking Tour, created to document space lost. The second initiative is the documentation through personal interview recording queer stories in queer space through our oral herstory/hystory series. We believe that the spaces we as a community inhabit and the Herstories we create are our legacy. You can learn more about the two initiatives below.

Dyke Bar Walking Tour

Click to view an interactive map of our first Dyke Bar Walking Tour

Oral Herstory / Hystory Project

Hear the experiences of queers in queer space. Interested in learning how to get involved, click for more information.

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