Art and Activism

Dyke Bar Takeover was born in NYC as a way to represent queer creativity and raise funds for important LGBTQ centric causes. You can check out NYC Dyke Bar Takeover directly here. The mission of Dyke Bar Take over is as follows: To combat the death of queer space for self identified women, transgender and non-binary people of all races. We partner with community organizations, support and fundraise for Queer non-profits and aim to help make visible the beauty and creativity of our diverse community.



The movement

We need to create our own space, reclaim or lost space and preserve our Herstory/Hystory, if we don't do it no one will. See below existing chapters and how to start your own.

NYC Dyke Bar Takeover

Check out the original chapter of Dyke Bar takeover, learn how to get involved, what we do and how to find out events.

Dyke Bar Takeover DC

Learn more about our first national chapter and the work they plan on doing. Find out how to get involved and upcoming events.

Start your own Dyke Bar Chapter!

You don't live in NY or D.C.?!? Don't worry you can start your own chapter in YOUR city!

Donate to the Queer Visibility Collective

Can't participate but still want to give back to your queer community! Donate to help us pay our artists, gain our 501c3 status and give back to the Queers that need it most.