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Let us tell you a little bit about why you should donate to QueerVC…

QueerVC is the parent organization supporting the creative, inspirational and activist initiatives of the many members, volunteers, organizers and artists that make up its community. Your funds as of 2017 will go to supporting the development of our 501c3 status in order to more vigilantly push for queer visibility on a national scale. We want to empower the queers of our nation to see themselves in any and all space. To make space, create space and help to reclaim lost space.

Visibility of Queer people of color, non-binary and womyn identified community members is our mission. There are so many brilliant, talented and passionate queers that deserve to have a voice, and we want to help their voices be heard.

QueerVC is managed by the founding members of the national initiative Dyke Bar Takeover, organizers of Dyke-istry an initiative created to prevent the erasure of dyke herstory/hystory and the founders of the Edie Windsor Community Events Series.

For those of you wondering why we put Dyke to the front, we do so with the purpose and power of the hystory of reclaiming language. Like many marginalized communities in this nation, the use of reclaimed language proves powerful in reminding the heteronormative (in our case) culture that there is still so much room for improvement. We see one of the strongest and most powerful approaches to creating visibility as being unapologetically out and open. Dyke is a political identity and a sexual identity for many, we use our language to elevate the visibility and needs of POC, transgender, non-binary and womyn identified Queers.

Your support of QueerVC will allow us to: create Dyke centric programing, preserve herstory/hystory and expand to create a national Queer visibility movement one beautiful song at a time, one beautiful shared space at a time, one more friend, one more organizer, one more open mind and one more safe walk home for a member of our community.

With respect, in solidarity & with endless appreciation.

Founding members,

Queer Visibility Collective


Donate to the Queer Visibility Collective