Mission Statement 

Queer Visibility Collective (QueerVC) is a platform to combat the death of queer space and the loss of Herstory/Hystory. We are activists and artists creating and preserving queer space. A main initiative of QueerVC is to create alternative space for queers around the nation. Our initial project, Dyke Bar Takeover (Dyke Bar) has grown tremendously because queers are looking to reclaim community and space. QueerVC's Dyke Bar, born in New York City, has expanded to welcome our first Dyke chapter in Washington, D.C. as well as grown to hosting collaborative events with queers in other cities.

Preservation of Herstory/Hystory through oral hystory projects designed to document the experiences and queer lives lived of all generations, is one of QueerVC's many goals. The research conducted through our work will play special attention to their experiences in queer identified space.

Dyke Bar is the direct action project created to implement QueerVC's mission, to create a national collective set to combat the death of queer space for self-identified womyn, transgender and non-binary people of all races. We partner with community organizations, support and fundraise for Queer non-profits and aim to help make visible the beauty and creativity of our diverse community.




Have a story to tell about Dyke-istry? Know of a space that hasn't been documented or needs more representation? Participate in our Dyke-istry oral hystory project specifically documenting experiences with and in queer space emphasis on lesbian/dyke, transgender and non-binary space.

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Dyke Bar Takeover

Interested in starting your own chapter of Dyke Bar Takeover? Want to attend an event in your area?

Dyke Bar Takeover is a group of artists and activists dedicated to creating and supporting Queer space for self-identified women, transgender and non-binary people of all races.

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Get Involved

Interested in giving back to the Queer community?

There are many avenues available to you to get involved in the Queer Visibility Collective. Are you a performer? Are you an artist? Are you interested in volunteering? Wait, maybe you are a student interested in conducting research in the queer community. Guess what!?! We have something for everyone! Join our team and stop the disappearance of our space and herstory/hystory/history.

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